Design Workshops with TroveCollective:

We teach a 3-step design course empowering you to create a home that reflects who you are and how you want to live.

    • In this course, we help you identify what no longer serves you and clarify what makes you come alive in your space.  Before you show up, we send you our design survey to help you better understand your style and your needs.  Once you arrive, we will take a virtual tour through some of our most-loved homes as we talk about our design process.  Learn some tried and true design basics, participate in a Q & A, get a basic floor plan sketch for a troublesome room, and receive one-on-one design advice with Laurie and Trinity.  You'll leave with 3 next right steps for your home and a succulent in a beautiful pot to inspire you as you continue your journey of creating a home that nurtures who you are and how you want to live.
  • 201: GENERATE
    • In this course, we go through your Pinterest boards and help you discover what design pieces speak your language and express your story.  We will work together to generate paint recommendations and quick links to our favorite sites for lighting, rugs, and art.  We will talk through some basic Feng Shui tips for balancing your home.  You'll leave with 3 top items to acquire for your home and a vase to inspire you to have fresh flowers year round.
  • 301: CO-CREATE
    • In this course, we define the function of each room within your home to help us pinpoint design gaps that need filling and key capstone pieces worth purchasing.  By the end of the design series, you will have a clear plan for how to move forward in creating a home of nurture and intention for the rest of your life.  You'll leave with “home-work," a design plan, ideas for making a special nook just for you, and a book handpicked by Laurie + Trinity to enjoy in your cozy nook.  


Each workshop is $35 a person for 2 hours and 2 designers