photo courtesy of Audrey Hannah Photography

photo courtesy of Audrey Hannah Photography


A little bit about TroveCollective

We are two women who met in the aftermath of tragedies- Laura had recently lost her life savings and was living in a friend’s basement while her family slowly rebuilt; Trinity’s house had burnt down three years prior while she was 39 weeks pregnant with her 4th child, catalyzing a move across the country from Virginia to Colorado. Out of shared stories of loss, we decided to partner each other into hope. We took a risk and started a pop up shop in a studio in Trinity’s backyard because we believed in two things:

  • everyone deserves access to experiences of beauty

  • your home is meant to nurture your soul

This is the soil that birthed TroveCollective, our woman-owned and woman-run grassroots business that has grown into Northern Colorado’s premiere staging company and now includes a full service interior design firm specializing in design consultations, redesign, and buying services for design clients.

We consider ourselves guides, finding joy in helping our clients realize their goals: whether that's getting top dollar for your property, finding the home of your dreams, or creating a home that truly reflects who you are and how you want to live.

We want to help alleviate the vulnerability and stress often present when it comes to home selling, home buying, and home remodeling so that you can focus on the fun part: living your best life!

Some other things that set us apart:

  • during our 5 years in business, we have staged over 200 homes

  • whenever possible, we use items that already have a history, both to achieve a storied design look and to minimize our environmental impact.

  • We own all of our goods and source things from all over the country.

  • We love to partner with local artists and showcase their work in our homes.

  • In the competitive Northern Colorado market, our staged homes sell faster and for more money, often above asking price; they look better in print and internet media, and they appraise for more money.



Laura Schuler

Laura is a self-taught decorator/designer, and ran a successful furniture refinishing business while also working in carpentry, tiling, drywall, painting, carpentry, upholstery, and window treatments.  She has gained a wide array of skills as well as inspiration from practicing in her own home.  Laura co-created TroveCollective out of the belief that home cradles our stories and grows a heart and soul of its own, nurturing and informing how we live our daily lives.   

She is an appreciator of beauty, regardless of the "style" moniker it has been given.  She believes the best homes are those that tells stories, that are layers of memories mingled with pieces gathered from a thousand different sources.  Her amazing and daring husband, and three magnificent children are still her favorite element of "home."  She owns far too many houseplants, and her second language is movie quotations.  


Trinity Wilbourn

Trinity holds a Residential Interiors Certification from CSU. She is also an AEA professional actor and worked in theatrical design. Trinity co-created Trove because she loves the narrative quality of design and believes that every home and every human has a voice and a redemptive story.  

Trinity loves to see people recognize what makes them come alive and be empowered to pursue those things, whether it’s an experience or the perfect throw pillow. She believes we are all creators and collaborators and that our homes are the external reflections of our internal states. She sees home as a living entity that influences the quality of your life and the quality of your mood.