Laura Schuler

Laura is a self-taught decorator/designer, and ran a successful furniture refinishing business while also working in carpentry, tiling, drywall, painting, carpentry, upholstery, and window treatments.  She has gained a wide array of skills as well as inspiration from practicing in her own home.  Laura co-created TroveCollective out of the belief that home cradles our stories and grows a heart and soul of its own, nurturing and informing how we live our daily lives.   

She is an appreciator of beauty, regardless of the "style" moniker it has been given.  She believes the best homes are those that tells stories, that are layers of memories mingled with pieces gathered from a thousand different sources.  Her amazing and daring husband, and three magnificent children are still her favorite element of "home."  She owns far too many houseplants, and her second language is movie quotations.  

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Trinity Wilbourn

Trinity holds a Residential Interiors Certification from CSU. She is also an AEA professional actor with a Bachelor's in Music, a 2nd degree in English, and a Masters in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Curriculum Development.  

Trinity brings the skills of an artist, educator, and designer to the conversation. She began her artistic career as an opera singer studying classical voice.  She transitioned into theatre and discovered a love for experimental theatre, specifically movement-based theatre and performance art.  She sang with a jazz quintet before graduating college, dabbled in studying industrial design and art history, and then embarked on a career as a professional actress and stage director.  Before moving to Northern Colorado, she worked as a high school teacher teaching alternative ed., special ed., 9th and 10th grade English, and as adjunct faculty for two online universities.  Her design skills were honed in her friends' homes and through staging the homes she lived in with great success in the competitive Northern Virginia market.

She loves the redemptive aspect of styling a home, bringing a space to life in such a way that it captures the eye and the imagination of both the prospective buyer and the homeowner.  She gets excited about the narrative quality of design and believes every home and every human has a voice and a story worth telling.

She has a penchant for midcentury design, bison, succulents, woven textiles, empowered women, her curly-haired husband, road trips in Volkswagens, Native American art, salt lamps, her 4 amazing kiddos, the ocean, copper, driftwood, her tiny dog Pema, and the perfectly imperfect.